100th Birthday of General Choi Hong Hi - May 2018

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World Championship Info Pack - April 2018

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4th TFA Congress Invite 2018 - March 2018

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4th African Open ITF Taekwon-Do Championships - March 2018

4th African Open ITF Taekwon-Do Championships Invitation Pack 2018-06-30 & 2018-07-01.pdf
Indemnity waive - 2018
Protest Form
4th African Open ITF Taekwon-Do Championships Dojang Registration Form

Koreas united by traditional martial art of Taekwon-Do - February 2018

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The Fenias Claudio Project

Stand With Fenias - October 2017

Dear Friends, Family and ITF Members,
Please find attached for your consideration:
We will STAND with Fenias
In a pledge to complete our efforts in reaching the needed target for Bosabum-nim Fenias Claudio, we have designed a new call-to-action – and this is where we need your help!
October 2017, we call upon the global ITF Community to wear a T-Shirt with a specific graphic design on it (“STANDwithFenias”) that we have designed. The aim is that each NGB will use the provided graphic design from the ITFSA and coordinate local sales of the T-shirt to members and families. In October 2017 we want every person that has purchased a T-shirt to wear it proudly in honor of International Disabled Month and Bosabum-nim Fenias Claudio; upload a picture or video to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and include the tag, “#STANDwithFenias” in their post description. We hope this will go viral on social media as all ITF brothers and sisters STAND together.
To summarize:
- NGB and Instructors to “request the artwork design” from the ITFSA (Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.);
- If within South Africa, please speak to your Instructor who will coordinate the orders;
- Manufacture T-shirts in your country (NGB logo or dojang logo can be added to sleeve or back);
- Begin sales to your members;
- Collect and prepare sales proceeds;
DDAY: October 2017 – WE GO VIRAL on social media - “#STANDwithFenias”
Yours in TKD

International Technical Seminar and Instructor Course - 7 to 9 October 2017

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ITFSA Celebrates International Woman's Day - 4 August 2017

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The Talks Held between ITF and WTF - May 2017

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ITF Updated Application Forms - April 2017

Requisition for Affiliation to ITF

Application for permission to grade for 4Dan, 5Dan and 6 Dan

Application for Int'l Instructor Qualification

Application for Int'l Umpire Qualification

Requisition for Affiliation to ITF

Application for Master promotion

Agreement (Recognition Plaque)

Certificate Application Statement

Application for promotion of Master from other org

Barcode data application

Certificate Application List, Mar 2017

Int'l Seminar & Course report


Letter of Recognition